Hér til vinstri eru þeir samningar, launataxtar, verkfæra og fatagjöld sem Félag iðn- og tæknigreina á aðilda að.

Launþegi verður sjálfur að vita eftir hvaða kjarasamningi er verið að greiða (á að koma fram í ráðningasamningi) t.d. atvinnurekendur sem eru félagsmenn í Meistarasambandi byggingamanna verða að greiða eftir samningi Meistarsambandsins og Samiðnar.




The exact gardening applications are the superb helpers connected with experienced growers and beginner cottagers. Why don't take a look at the actual kinds of gardening tool to see which of them attained for the tiny cottage along with the large and building plots. Every youngster knows how to utilize the spade. It will also help to search a veg garden and also a hole, and clear the trail from the compacted snow. Now there is actually a wide range of spades. The modern spades are useful, ergonomic and stylish. If the dirt on your plan is clay courts, you should buy the particular pointed spade, and if it truly is sandy, opt for the straight as well as round one particular. You can buy these kinds of gardening methods in any retail outlet (even on the hardware store). Rake will be the tool, required for picking together with shoveling the entire world, removing typically the fallen results in, rubbish as well as cut sod. The rakes can have gentle and tough teeth. Tough rakes bring working often the soil, even though the soft kinds are cozy for the raking grass and also leaves. Back garden shears are the best application for cutting off the organizations. There are a couple of kinds of patio tool: people that have the strong ratchet as well as common lowering ones. The 1st kind is required to cut off of the thick limbs, and the next one may deal with the tiny twigs. Lawn shears will be the tool you can not save on. The very ragged or simply uneven trim can cause the condition of the forest. Moreover, working together with the poor-quality tools is an essential reason with traumas along with calluses. To be able to prune the exact grape and also trees, find the expensive backyard shears together with semicircular rotor blades. You can also make use of such yard tool since tree surgical procedure saw. It offers no options, which allows one to make a a lot more even lower, minimizing the very harm to the main tree. The main determining aspect is the good quality of iron, used for producing the chopping element. The actual tool has to be sharp-ground in addition to leave a much cut. In a situation you wish to purchase garden gear in the United States as well as other countries and have the tools for really good level of quality and comparatively low price, you come to the right choice simply by contacting people. You do not need to find store back garden equipment, due to the fact everything that you may want as a starter gardener plus professional agrarians is easy to locate in the list of products on the webpage of our purchase. We offer http://admin.buyallgardentools.com the most effective product and then the best in order to the occupants all over the world.